The Institute for High Music Studies “Claudio Monteverdi” (Istituto Superiore di Studi Musicali – ISSM Monteverdi) is a public Higher Edutional Institution (HEI) with related research activities and artistic production.
The Institute pursues the musical education at Professional level, the diffusion and growth of musical culture, the disclosure of the musical and artistic culture in all its forms through modern educational and cultural paths. It provides music education at Bachelors (1st Cycle – Level 6 EQF) and Masters (2nd Cycle – Level 7 EQF), as well as youth education (pre-academic courses), including a large number of foreign students.
Inserted in a rich context of musical tradition famous all over the world (fatherland of Monteverdi and Stradivari, Cremona’s ‘traditional violin craftsmanship’ has been recognized as Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by Unesco), the Institute is well established in the territory. It has strong relationships with the University of Pavia – Musicology Faculty in Cremona and it collaborates with Bocconi University in Milan (MAMA Master of Management in Art and Music).
In the artistic production the Institute has involved Teatro Ponchielli, Museo del Violino and the most important institutions in Cremona, featuring projects with Academy of Fine Arts in Venice, Mantua Conservatory, Mondo Musica, Chiusi Orizzonti Festival, FAI Italian Ambient Fund and many others.