Decree from the Director General, 3rd September 2018, N.2228

Authorisation to launch second level academic courses in Voice, Organ and Composition for Organ, Piano, Viola, Violin and ‘Cello

L. 13th July 2015, N.107

Reform of the national education and training system and decision to amend laws currently in place

CCNL AFAM 4th August 2010

Collective nationwide agreement relating to workers in the sector of  Specialist Higher Educational Institutions for Arts and Music

D.M. 3rd July 2009

Artistic disciplines sector: Conservatoires of Music

D.P.R. 8th July 2005, n. 212

Regulation governing policy for the definition of educational rules for Higher Educational Institutions for Arts, Music and Choral Studies, according to article 2 of the law L. 21st December 1999, n. 508

D.P.R 28th February 2003, n. 132

Regulation governing criteria for statutory, regulatory and organisational autonomy of artistic and musical institutions, according to the law L. 21st December 1999, n. 508

D.Lgs. 30th March 2001, n. 165

General regulations on the system of work in the public sector

L. 21st December 1999, n. 508

Reform of the Academies of Fine Arts, the National Academy of Dance, the National Academy of Dramatic Arts, the Higher Institutions for the Artistic Industries, the Conservatoires of Music and of similar musical Institutions