Bachelor’s in Pre-polyphony

Study Objectives

By the end of a bachelor’s degree in Pre-polyphony, students should have developed the specific technical and cultural understanding that will allow them to realise their own musical projects.  To this end particular emphasis is placed on the study of musicology, paleography and semiotics specific to the Christian monodic repertoire. Another fundamental aspect is the study of the musical terminology used in the Gregorian and medieval modal system. Building on these elements and the interpretation and performance of the repertoire (both solo and ensemble) by the end of their training the student will be competent in chironomic technique: the method used to conduct groups specialising in this repertoire. Further study objectives of the course include the attainment of sufficient skills in musical ICT as well as the study of a second language.

Job Prospects

This course offers students the possibility of employment in the following professions:

  • Conductor of vocal and choral groups
  • Cantor or chorister in vocal and choral groups
  • Research academic in the fields of musicology, paleography and semiotics
  • Liturgical musician

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