Academic biennial level II

Higher Level Artistic and Musical Education Courses

Qualification awarded: Master Degree
Qualification type/level: EHEA 2st cycle; EQF level 7


The Second Level Two-year course in Musical Disciplines with an Interpretive and Compositional focus is an advanced musical training course, aimed at providing high-level professional and artistic skills, structured in a similar way to a university degree course.

Law no. 509/99 reforming the system of Higher Education in Art and Music intended to redefine the didactic regulations of the traditional courses of the Conservatoires / Istituti Musicali Pareggiati, also activating the Level I and II higher courses, which allow students to obtain the relative academic diplomas. These didactic regulations have been supplemented following Ministerial Decrees and Directorial Decree prot.1827/18 , as follows:

– G.D. 2228 of 01.01.2018
– G.D. 3312 of 13.12.2018
– G.D. 3397/18 of 19.12.2018

by which the Second Level courses indicated below were accredited, thus conforming to the provisions of Presidential Decree 212 of 8.07.2005 and Ministerial Decree 14 of 2018.

Activation of new courses:
Two-year Second Level Course in Harp, Renaissance and Baroque Singing, Guitar, Clarinet, Harpsichord and Historical Keyboards, Horn, Bassoon, Flute, Oboe, Saxophone, Trumpet, Viola da gamba, Baroque Violin, Baroque Cello with D.D. no. 46 of 07.01.2021 and ns prot. 7/2021;

The following courses are offered at the Istituto Superiore di Studi Musicali Claudio Monteverdi in Cremona:

The course structure, for each of the two years, is organised in:

1. training activities related to basic training;
2. training activities that are characteristic of the School;
3. related or complementary training activities, with a focus on interdisciplinary training;
4. training activities chosen independently by the student;
5. training activities relating to the preparation of the final examination and the testing of knowledge of the foreign language for the final degree;
6. other training activities, aimed at acquiring further knowledge useful for entering the world of work.

The student is free to decide how to distribute the disciplines constituting his or her study plan over the two-year period. The Second Level Experimental Biennium has a normal duration of two years.
To obtain the diploma the student must have acquired 120 credits.

Since this is a pathway authorised by the Ministry at an experimental level, pending the adoption of a national credit system, those indicated in the individual study plans are of an experimental nature and valid only within the Institute. The study plans may be subject to change in the course of the experimentation and to modifications that will be necessary when further didactic regulations issued by MIUR-AFAM come into force.

The admission

In order to apply for admission to the 2nd Level Experimental Two-year course, it is necessary to hold a Conservatoire or “Istituto Musicale Pareggiato” Diploma together with a High School Diploma or equivalent qualification, or a 1st Level Academic Diploma among those indicated by the MUR in the Decree 08/10/03, as well as a Degree or other qualification of the same level, even if obtained abroad.
Admission to Level II courses is subject to passing an examination to verify possession of the required aptitude and theoretical and practical musical skills. The examination normally consists of a practical test and an interview.
Students of foreign nationality must also pass a test that certifies an adequate knowledge of the Italian language.
Admitted students may be recognised as having educational debts that must be cleared within the first academic year through the fulfilment of specific additional educational obligations.
Those who already hold a traditional Conservatoire diploma from the same school are not allowed to enrol in.
Subject to available places, candidates who have passed the aptitude tests will be admitted and will be contacted by the Secretariat to finalise their registration. The order of admission is established by means of a ranking list made public by posting it on the Institute’s notice board.


Admitted students must submit an application using a specific form provided by the Institute’s Secretariat accompanied by the receipt of payment of registration and attendance fees. It is not permitted to enrol in years other than the first.

Further information can be found in the Regolamento didattico