The Monteverdi Orchestra

The Monteverdi Orchestra is an ensemble that includes every student of the Conservatory. The Orchestra is a lab for chamber, symphonic and solo programs. Our students are prepared and followed by director Francesco Fiore, also teacher of Viola.

The “Orchestra Project” also includes the Baroque Ensemble Gli Animosi del Monteverdi, founded in 2016 to study, discorre and perform early music repertoire. The various ensemble learn from some of the most professionist performer of the baroque repertoires: Sonia Prina (singer), Enrico Casazza (violin), Paolo Beschi (cello), Luca Antoniotti (harpsichord and organ), Isabella Longo (violin).



Some of the our performance:

Monteverdi Orchestra 

13 July 2019 – Panveggio (TN). Violin Woods
14 May 2019 – Ponchielli theatre (CR). Orchestras review
19 December 2018 – S. Imerio Church (CR). Christmas concert
9 April 2018 – Filo theatre (CR). Concert for Borse di Studio Kiwanis
17 December 2017 – Camera di Commercio Auditorium (CR). Christmas concert


Animosi del Monteverdi

28 May 2019 – S. Maddalena church (CR). Barocque lab – final concert
12 May 2019 – Ponchielli theatre (CR). Monteverdi Festival
10 May 2018 – Ponchielli theatre (CR). Monteverdi Festival